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2018-05-17 Immunotherapy efficacy differs between men and women
Survival among patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors was higher in men than women, according to a large meta-analysis recently published in Lancet Oncology. The meta-analysis included over 11 300 patients treated with ipilimumab, tremelimumab, nivolumab, or pembrolizumab for cancer.

2017-12-05 New book examines how drugs affect gender roles
The book Gendering Drugs investigates how drugs help create different beliefs about sex and gender. Expectations and marketing of drugs affect the importance and use of drugs which thus can differ between countries. Topics included are HPV vaccine and treatment of benign prostatic enlargement. The book is written by researchers from, among others, Sweden, Great Britain, Austria and Colombia.

2017-11-30 Sex differences in diagnosis and treatment of depression
A new dissertation has examined sex aspects in diagnosing and treating depression in adults, reports the Swedish magazine Läkemedelsvärlden (in Swedish). The thesis shows that more men than women had symptoms of depression, while more women were diagnosed with depression. More women than men were treated with antidepressant drugs.

2017-06-28 The sex of animals impact on biomedical research
A recent publication in Nature Communications has quantified the differences between male and female mice. The importance of the sex was greater than previously thought. The findings show that sex should be taken into account when designing and analyzing animal studies, regardless of research field.

2017-06-20 Serious adverse events more common in women
The proportion of reports of serious adverse events was higher for women than men in Sweden in 2016, according to the Medical Products Agencys annual report (in Swedish). The number of serious reports for women was highest in the age group 18-64 years, while the corresponding number for men was in the age group 65 years and older. The most common substances in serious reports from healthcare staff were the anticoagulant drugs warfarin, apixaban and rivaroxaban.

2017-04-24 Men and women with psoriasis are treated differently
Data from the Stockholm County Council during the period 2001-2016 showed that men with psoriasis recieved more systemic drugs, biological drugs and light therapy than women. Read more in the latest issue of Evidens (in Swedish).

Janusmed Sex & Gender is a knowledge bank with structured information on sex and gender aspects on drug treatment. The information is aimed towards healthcare personal. It is possible to search on generic names in English and trade names of drug products on the Swedish market. For detailed information on how to search, click on Search help in the blue search field. The purpose of the web site is to improve drug treatment by providing information on whether drug choice or drug dosing need to consider the patient's sex.

Please note that Janusmed Sex & Gender does not include information on teratogenic effects or compatibility with breast feeding. For this information, please consult the databases Janusmed Drugs and Birth Defects and Janusmed Drugs and Breastfeeding, respectively (in Swedish).

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