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2017-04-24 Men and women with psoriasis are treated differently
Data from the Stockholm County Council during the period 2001-2016 showed that men with psoriasis recieved more systemic drugs, biological drugs and light therapy than women. Read more in the latest issue of Evidens (in Swedish).

2017-03-28 New name - Janusmed Sex & Gender
The knowledge databases and decision support systems by the Stockholm County Council gather under a new name: Janusmed.

2017-03-27 Women dispense more melatonin
Dispensed prescriptions of the sleeping hormone melatonin increased during 2016 in Sweden and the largest increase was among adult women, according to new statistics from The Board of Health and Welfare (in Swedish).

Janusmed Sex & Gender is a knowledge bank with structured information on sex and gender aspects on drug treatment. The information is aimed towards healthcare personal. It is possible to search on generic names in English and trade names of drug products on the Swedish market. For detailed information on how to search, click on Search help in the blue search field. The purpose of the web site is to improve drug treatment by providing information on whether drug choice or drug dosing need to consider the patient's sex.

Please note that Janusmed Sex & Gender does not include information on teratogenic effects or compatibility with breast feeding. For this information, please consult the databases Drugs and Birth Defects and Drugs and Breastfeeding, respectively (in Swedish).

The Health and Medical Care Administration at the Stockholm County Council is responsible for the web site. The work is done in collaboration between the Drug Therapeutic Committee in Stockholm County Council, Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Karolinska University Hospital and Centre for Gender Medicine, Karolinska Institutet.

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