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The future for Drug and Therapeutics Committees in a changing European market

Healthcare costs particularly pharmaceutical costs are rising across Europe. Countries are reacting to these pressures through a variety of reforms centred around generics, reference pricing and better management of new expensive drugs.

However, the extent of the reforms varies throughout Europe with Sweden providing good examples such as pricing of generics as well as products within a class. The various Counties in Sweden are also introducing a variety of measures to enhance the quality and efficiency of prescribing centred on the 4Es. This helped by strong County Drug and Therapeutic Committees (DTCs) in Sweden.

These activities were discussed at a presentation given to a national meeting in Uppsala in March 2009 to approximately 60 pharmacists employed by County DTCs across Sweden. Future DTC activities for pharmacists to further help improve prescribing quality and efficiency were also discussed.

Potential activities include co-ordinated planning for the introduction of new drugs and their follow-up through for instance combined registries, refinement and sharing of financial incentive schemes, developing further markers of quality of care that can be used throughout Sweden, helping with initiatives to improve drug adherence, as well as appraising and recommending to national bodies new arrangements to minimise financial exposure to new drugs such as price: volume and price capping schemes.

In addition, further refining decision support and other tools to enhance local implementation of regional and national guidance.

Brian Godman
Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research and
University of Liverpool

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Uppdaterad: 2009-04-17

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