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Drugline nr 13664

Publicerat 1996-05-20


A 28-year-old woman treated with pimozide (Orap) 2 mg three times a day during her pregnancy, has now given birth to her first child. Is it possible for her to breast-feed the child?


Similar questions concerning neuroleptic drugs and breast feeding have been answered before (1,2,3,4). Neuroleptic drugs are as a rule not recommended while breast-feeding, because of their dopamine receptor blocking effects. In animal studies exposure to haloperidol and pimozide in nursing rabbits led to disturbances in motor development and learning behavior (5).

There is little information found in the literature concerning pimozide and breast-feeding in humans. It is stated that pimozide is a lipid soluble drug and is thus excreted in breast-milk and that it may reach concentrations higher than in plasma (6). An updated Medline search gave no further information concerning the drug, neither did phone communication with the drug company (Janssen-Cilag) (7).


Pimozide is a neuroleptic drug with dopamine receptor blocking effects. Based on results from animal studies these drugs as a rule are not recommended during breast-feeding, although no clear data of the effects in humans are available.

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Alvan G


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