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Classification: B

Drug products: Baculamyl, Bicacta, Bicalustad, Bicalutamid Sandoz, Bicalutamide Accord, Bicalutamide Bluefish, Bicalutamide Orion, Bicalutamide ratiopharm, Bicalutamide Teva, Bictamid, Bikalutamid Actavis, Bikalutamid Ebb, Bikalutamid medac, Bikalutamid Ranbaxy, Bikalutamid SUN, Casodex, Casodex®, Nycolutamid

ATC code: L02BB03

Substances: bicalutamide


As the substance is only used by men, analyses on sex or gender differences have not been considered relevant.

Additional information

Bicalutamide is an oral nonsteroidal antiandrogen used in the treatment of metastatic prostatic carcinoma [1-2]. There are two published articles on treatment in women [3-4]. One phase 2 study in women with hirsutism (42 women) showing decreased hirsutism scores after treatment compared to base line [3]. A phase 3 study in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (72 women) randomized to oral contraceptives (OCP) with and without bicalutamide found bicalutamide to be well tolerated and more effective than OCP alone in treating severe hirsutism [4]. No studies of sex differences in effect or safety has been performed.

Updated: 2018-12-20

Date of litterature search: 2018-01-17


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Authors: Mia von Euler

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