Kommersiellt obunden läkemedelsinformation riktad till läkare och sjukvårdspersonal


Classification: B

Drug products: Propavan, Propiomazin Orifarm

ATC code: N05CM06

Substances: propiomazine, propiomazine maleate


No information on differences between men and women in propiomazine pharmacokinetics or pharmacodynamics has been found in the literature.

Additional information

Pharmacokinetics and dosing

No studies with a clinically relevant sex analysis regarding pharmacokinetics or dosing of propiomazin have been found.


No studies with a clinically relevant sex analysis regarding dosing of propiomazin have been found.

Adverse effects

No studies with a clinically relevant sex analysis regarding adverse effects of propiomazin have been found.

Reproductive health issues

Regarding teratogenic aspects, please consult Janusmed Drugs and Birth Defects (in Swedish, Janusmed fosterpåverkan).

Other information

In a Swedish registry study, all dispensed prescriptions to persons 75-89 years of age during a 4-month period in 2005 were analyzed. During this period, 105 007 women and 46 693 men were treated with hypnotics or sedatives. Of these, 16 289 women (16%) and 8 961 men (19%) were treated with propiomazine (adjusted odds ratio 0.77) [1]. However, in 2019, the data of propiomazine utilization from The National Board of Health and Welfare show a higher dispensation to women [2]. If this is a change over time or if it is due to the study focusing on shorter time period, while the drug utilization data was based on one year data, is not clear.

Updated: 2020-10-06

Date of litterature search: 2020-05-08


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Authors: Linnéa Karlsson Lind

Reviewed by: Diana Rydberg, Carl-Olav Stiller

Approved by: Karin Schenck-Gustafsson