Kommersiellt obunden läkemedelsinformation riktad till läkare och sjukvårdspersonal


Hazard 4 P 3 B 0 T 1 Risk Insignificant


The T-value in the score for hazard refers to chronic toxicity. Underlying data for P, B, T and risk are from Fass.se.

Fass environmental information

Fass environmental information for Aerius (desloratadine) (downloade 2018-07-03).


Persistence: "Desloratadine is hydrolytically stable with greater than 90% of the initial concentrations remaining after 5 days at 50°C. It has a half-life of greater than 1 year at 25°C (FDA 3.09). Desloratadine is not considered degradable, thus the phrase “desloratadine is potentially persistent” is chosen."

Bioaccumulation: "Log Kow = 1.24 at pH 7."

Chronic toxicity: There is NOEC for 3 trophic levels, lowest NOEC for green algae (Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata) 360 mikrog/L.


PEC/PNEC is based on sales data in Sweden in year 2016. PEC/PNEC = 0.0014 which gives the risk insignificant.

Pharmaceuticals residues in the aquatic environment

Desloratadine has been detected in treated wastewater in concentrations up to 15 ng/L and in surface water 1.1 ng/L in Region Stockholm 2018.

Report Pharmaceutial residues in the Stockholm aquatic environment. Desloratadine has been detected in treated wastewater up to 12 ng/L and in sludge up to 0.048 mg/kg DM (dry mass).

Author: The Pharmaceutical unit of Region Stockholm