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Janusinfo is a non-commercial website providing drug information to support healthcare professionals in their everyday work.

The website is the electronic means of communication of the Drug Therapeutic Committee and the Health and Medical Care Administration of the Region Stockholm, Sweden.

Contents and functions of the website should contribute to evidence-based and cost-effective drug treatment. Our aim is to become the main website of drug information for healthcare professionals in the Stockholm area.

The information on the website has been developed in collaboration with clinical pharmacologists and other experts in specific therapeutic areas.

Contents in brief
• News
• Therapeutic guidelines
• Kloka listan (Wise List; recommended drugs)
• Evaluation of new drugs
• Janusmed Drugs and Birth Defects
• Janusmed Breastfeeding
• Janusmed Sex and Gender
• Janusmed Interactions
• Janusmed Riskprofile
• Janusmed Renal Function
• Education
• Drug statistics.

The editorial board systematically follows developments in the field of drug treatment and publishes brief medical as well as general news articles related to drugs. An important criteria for news selection is that it should be considered to be or to become relevant in patient care.

The website also offers summaries of regional and national symposia and educational activities.

An important part of Janusinfo consists of evidence-based guidelines produced by Drug Expert Panels. The panels also produce the Kloka Listan (Wise List), which contains those drugs that have been recommended and Informatics.

Drug statistics offer sales returns and sales statistics of drugs in the Region Stockholm with analysis and comments.

For more information:

Health and Medical Care Administration
Hälso- och sjukvårdsförvaltningen
Phone: +46 8 123 186 42
Email: janusredaktionen.hsf@regionstockholm.se

More about the Wise List

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