Regionernas samverkansmodell för läkemedel och medicintekniska produkter.


Criteria for selection

Using validated criteria and consulting clinical experts, the most important findings are filtered for a more thorough literature examination (so called early assessment report). In order to be subject to this, the medicine or indication must meet at least one of the below criteria:

  • Large patient population
  • Significant morbidity related to the disease
  • Potential to lead to clinical improvement
  • Innovative way of treating the disease
  • Potential consequences for cost
  • May require re-organisation of health care
  • Potential to influence guidande for treatment and other recommendations
  • Potential safety issues needing consideration
  • Potentially high media/public interest
  • Too fast or too slow introduction expected after approval
  • Potentially ethically or politically interesting

It is also considered whether the medicine/indication:

  • Belongs to a growing class of medicines or therapy area
  • Represents a new treatment or a new class of compounds
  • Is relevant for Swedish conditions
  • Is in late Phase II or Phase III or if submitted to regulatory agencies

The filtering is carried out in two steps. The first step is in the working group. The medicines/indications which are assessed as interesting or that are difficult to judge, are subject to consultation with County Council clinical experts. The second step is based on the experts’ opinions.


The medicines or indications selected for assessment are listed on the web site for national orderly introduction of new medicines. The Horizon scanning working group also communicate directly with contacts in each of the County Councils.

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