Regionernas samverkansmodell för läkemedel och medicintekniska produkter.

Horizon scanning

The term ‘Horizon Scanning’ means the collecting, documenting and evaluating information about new medical devices that are recently CE-marked or that are close to entering a CE marking process. Getting the information early provides the regions better foresight in their work of preparing the healthcare sector for the introduction of new medical devices and methods.

Horizon Scanning gives the regions and the MTP Council a foundation for deciding whether a medical device, product group or method should be handled within the national process for managed introduction.

Working together

The Swedish Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency (TLV) and the Evaluation Group for Medical Technology work together to identify new products and methods. This is done through international reconnaissance, special thematic scanning and through proposals from with National program areas (NPO) and other regional and local networks. Suggestions are also welcome from companies. Companies that want to notify about their product as part of the horizon scanning work can start by filling in a questionnaire (read more at

The Evaluation group for medical technology is also looking for new methods that may already be partially introduced and that show good evidence via, for example, HTA investigations and where the method may be relevant for a broader introduction.

The Evaluation Group for Medical Technology could also contact individual companies directly with supplementary questions in case the company's product has been found through the horizon scanning work. This does not mean that the company's product will necessarily be relevant for national recommendation, but should be seen as information gathering.

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