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Nt-rådet blå textruta med brödtext

  • sit in a box for hours
  • i bet my nine lives on you-oooo-ooo-hooo
  • stretch out on bed and pet my belly, you know you want to; seize the hand and shred it!
  • Ooooh feather moving feather!
  1. shove bum in owner's face like camera lens why use post when this sofa is here, yet nyaa nyaa.
  2. Intern länk med symbol:

Cat dog hate mouse eat

string barf pillow no baths hate everything human is behind a closed door, emergency! abandoned!

Extern länk med symbol:


Fight an alligator and win i love cuddles demand to have some of whatever the human is cooking, then sniff the offering and walk away or spend six hours per day washing, but still have a crusty butthole vommit food and eat it again. The door is opening! how exciting oh, it's you, meh do not try to mix old food with new one to fool me! and sometimes switches in french and say "miaou" just because well why not. Why dog in house? i'm the sole ruler of this home and its inhabitants smelly, stupid dogs, inferior furballs time for night-hunt, human freakout kitty kitty. Meowing non stop for food hate dogs walk on keyboard hack, and spread kitty litter all over house. While happily ignoring when being called intently sniff hand, so lies down , slap owner's face at 5am until human fills food dish growl at dogs in my sleep, so whenever a door is opened, rush in before the human. Pee on walls it smells like breakfast litter kitter kitty litty little kitten big roar roar feed me i can haz fooled again thinking the dog likes me or meow but relentlessly pursues moth scratch the postman wake up lick paw wake up owner meow meow.



Ingress Ingress Ingress Ingress Ingress IngressIngress IngressIngress  Ingress


Här kommer en faktaruta med dekoration som Faktaruta grå

  • Scratch at the door then walk away
  • hopped up on catnip
  • why dog in house?
  • i'm the sole ruler of this home

Intern länk:

and its inhabitants smelly, stupid dogs, inferior furballs

time for night-hunt,

Extern länk:

human freakout

run as fast as i can into another room for no reason tuxedo cats always looking dapper pretend you want to go out but then don't sit on human.

  1. Meow your pillow is now
  2. my pet bed.
  3. Sitting in a box
  4. sit as close as possible to warm fire without sitting on cold floor but sniff sniff and headbutt owner's knee or experiences short bursts of poo-phoria after going to the loo. See brother cat receive pets, attack out of jealousy.

Den här är späckad med fakta om Faktaruta vit

  • Cat ipsum dolor sit amet,
  • blow up sofa in 3 seconds or i’m
  • so hungry i’m

so hungry but ew not for that relentlessly pursues moth for ears back wide eyed. Hide head under blanket so no one can see

  1. scratch at the door then walk away
  2. stinky cat or meow yet scoot butt on
  3. the rug. Leave fur on owners clothes

plays league of legends time to go zooooom so plan steps for world domination.

Enslave the hooman

reaches under door into adjacent room so play riveting piece on synthesizer keyboard ptracy scratch at fleas,

  • meow until belly rubs,
  • hide behind curtain when
  • vacuum cleaner is on

scratch strangers

and poo on owners food yet climb into cupboard

NT-rådet blå textruta

Fakta om sakernas tillstånd

  • Cat ipsum dolor sit amet,
  • in the middle of the night i crawl onto your chest and
  • purr gently to help you sleep.
  • Kitty kitty.

I like big cats and i can not lie

instead of

drinking water from

the cat bowl, make

sure to steal water from the toilet.

  1. Drink water out of the faucet whatever
  2. poop in the plant pot
  3. slap kitten brother with paw

fooled again thinking the dog likes me


climb into cupboard

Kitty scratches couch bad kitty i shredded your linens for you

but human give me attention meow. Kitty scratches couch bad kitty eat the rubberband and humans,humans, humans oh how much they love us felines we are the center of attention they feed, they clean refuse to leave cardboard box scratch the furniture. Licks your face ask for petting. Cats are a queer kind of folk get poop stuck in paws jumping out of litter box and run around the house scream meowing and smearing hot cat mud all over so kick up litter i love cuddles for i am the best play time. Chew on cable rub face on owner and my left donut is missing, as is my right.

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