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Hazard 8 P 3 B 3 T 2 Risk Low


The T-value in the score for hazard refers to chronic toxicity. Underlying data for P, B, T and risk are from Fass.

Fass environmental information

Fass environmental information for Cordarone (amiodarone) (downloaded 2018-08-20).


Persistence: "Test showed 0% degradation in 28 days (OECD 301B). Amiodarone fails to pass the criteria for ready biodegradability which justifies the phrase “Amiodarone is potentially persistent”."

Bioaccumulation: Log Pow = 7.57 "(experimental data, method unknown)."

Toxicity: There are data for 3 trophic levels, most sensitive algae (Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata) NOEC 72 hours = 12 microg/L.


PEC/PNEC is based on sales data in Sweden in year 2015. PEC / PNEC = 0.18034 which gives the risk low.

Pharmaceutical analyses of water in Stockholm County

Amiodarone has been analysed but not detected in treated wastewater, surface water and drinking water in Stockholm County in the last five years (2012–2016).

Author: Health and Medical Care Administration, Region Stockholm