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Hazard 6* P 3 B 0 T 3* Risk Cannot be excluded

The T-value in the score for hazard refers to acute toxicity. Underlying data for P, B, T and risk are from Fass.

Fass environmental information

Fass environmental information for Nozinan (levomepromazine) (downloaded 2018-11-01).


Persistence: "Test showed 13% degradation in 28 days (ISO 9439). [---] Levomepromazine fails to pass the criteria for ready biodegradability which justifies the phrase “levomepromazine is potentially persistent”."

Bioaccumulation OECD 107: log Kow at pH 7 = 0.38.

Acute toxicity: Data available for 1 trophic level for crustaceans (Daphnia magna) 700 microg/L.


"Risk of environmental impact of Levomepromazine cannot be excluded, since there is not sufficient data to calculate a PEC/PNEC ratio."

Pharmaceutical analyses of water

Levomepromazine has been included in screening programs both regionally within the Stockholm area and nationally but has been below the LOQ (quantitative limit value).

Author: Health and Medical Care Administration, Region Stockholm